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Dispute Adjudication

Construction projects unfortunately very often end up with disputes between the employer and the contractor.

Among other types of construction contracts, FIDIC conditions provide smooth and flexible dispute resolution tools for the parties through dispute adjudication.

It should be noted that FIDIC dispute resolution is one of the most economical solutions to settle disputes emerging between the parties during the implementation of a construction contract, as the dispute is settled with the help of adjudicators having engineering and contractual experience and ability to handle such contractual situations within a reasonably short period of time and under a controlled budget.

Both András (Rév) and Zoltán (Záhonyi) are listed TMSz (National Member Association of FIDIC) dispute adjudicators and have domestic experience in adjudicating construction contract disputes.

András also recently entered the international field  of dispute resolution.

Please contact us for further details – we can provide you with professional and economical adjudication services!