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Training and Education

In the early 1990-s András (Rév) and Zoltán (Záhonyi) started to teach and train undergraduate and postgraduate engineers about conditions of contract, especially the FIDIC conditions of contract.

Since then, hundreds of attendees have been joining their short and longer term training programmes annually.

In addition to the domestic training scene, Zoltán became an accredited FIDIC (Geneva) trainer in 2010 and since then has been delivering FIDIC conditions of contract training internationally, from the Americas through Africa and the Middle-East to Asia.

Following Zoltan's successful presentation in Zagreb (2013) for World Bank's regional project managers, Andras and Zoltan delivered both a traditional (Istanbul, Balkan and Central-Asia region) and an online (East-Asia and Pacific region) training course for the World Bank regional project managers. These courses received positive feedback.

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We would like to welcome you to be our next partner in training! What is different: we do not just train – we share EXPERIENCE!