…az első lépés a sikeres projektek irányába – egy új elképzelés megvalósításával…


KENDERESY-GÖLLNER, ANNA (1974) has an M.Sc. in civil engineering (1997), and an M.Sc. in economics (2000). She is currently completing her postgraduate education in waste disposal and management. Anna is a qualified technical manager, supervisor and expert in construction management. Her working languages are Hungarian and English.

Anna started her early career in construction, where she spent 7 years (fields of construction where she gained valuable experience: civil engineering, building, road construction in various functions such as project planning, price monitoring, surveying, project and contract control and administration – mainly FIDIC based –, claims management. These projects were implemented in Hungary, and one in Serbia). Subsequent to this early period, she joined a consulting engineering firm, where she spent 10 years, mainly with EU co-financed environmental, waste management projects, most of them based on FIDIC conditions of contract. She was also a resident engineer representing the „independent Engineer” in a concession based motorway project – her responsibility was to lead the Engineer’s team performing the supervision of road construction activities. Anna participated in a number of EU co-financed road construction project as the Engineer’s staff, dealing mainly with variations and claims management and supervision. Before joining Z & Partners, Anna spent a short period of time at an Employer’s organisation, dealing with project preparation and control.

All these wide-ranging experiences – gained as a contractor and a consulting engineer in a number of various construction projects – enable Anna to assess and analyse the different contractual situations in their complexity. This means that she strives to find solutions in contractual and project issues on a holistic basis, considering not just engineering and technical aspects, but also the basic FIDIC principles, including legal backgrounds and also the various stakeholders’ aspects – so that she is able to find always the most suitable solutions, acceptable for all involved.

Vision: The most powerful weapon is the CONTRACT.