…az első lépés a sikeres projektek irányába – egy új elképzelés megvalósításával…


Barna (1977)  has an M.Sc. in Transport Engineering (Budapest, 2000).

His experience covers various positions as project manager and deputy project manager as well as a contract management expert in construction based on FIDIC conditions of contract. Barna has 12 years of experience  and has the very valuable skill  and ability to manage projects and successfully liaise with all parties allowing coordination and cooperation throughout his projects. He has been responsible on a number of construction projects for both supervision and time and budget planning.

Barna has experience in working in a multinational environment.

He has been working on the Dél-Buda – Rákospalota metro 4 (Budapest) project in co-operation with several international construction companies (Vinci, Strabag, Swietelsky, Siemens) and international consultants (Louis Berger, Mott Macdonald, D2 Consult). His most recent experience covers fields of various environmental (waste and wastewater) construction projects as well as road and railway infrastructure projects.

As deputy project manager and project manager he has been responsible for coordinating co-operation between the parties in this international team, he has significant experience coping with unforeseeable problems. He has an analytical mind that enables him to tackle technical problems outside the field of construction.

Barna is fluent in English.

VISION: The most rewarding thing is reliability.