…az első lépés a sikeres projektek irányába – egy új elképzelés megvalósításával…

ZÁHONYI, Brigitta

Brigitta (1969)  has an  M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Budapest, 1992).
She has 19 years of experience gained in various fields of geotechnics.
Brigitta is an expert and designer in geotechnics with wide ranging experience in preparation, design and implementation of civil infrastructure projects. Special areas of activities are railway projects and building foundations.  More recently she has also been involved with FIDIC conditions of contract particularly claims and variations with a geotechnical background.

Brigitta's geotechnical and railway design experience covers a number of new and reconstruction and renewal projects.  Amongst others; the detailed design of bridges for the Zalalövő – Bajánsenye railway; railway designs for the tender documents for the Budapest Intermodal Logistics Centre (BILK) and the Tárnok (excl.) – Székesfehérvár (excl.) railway reconstruction and renewal.

As an expert consultant she  has taken part in a number of airport and commercial development schemes such as: Győr – Pér airport development; Pécs – Pogány airport development; Pápa military airport radar system detailed design; AUCHAN Budapest XI.district; Albertfalva shopping mall, and the design for the relocation of Budapest  tram 47  terminal.

In addition to the above, Brigitta has been preparing expert geotechnical exploratory reports for various construction projects. For example the Balatonkenese high embankment and deep foundation support designs for several buildings in Budapest.

Brigitta has fluent German, Hungarian being her mother tongue.

VISION: Merits of an engineering work cannot only be measured through a highly professional design, but at the end of the day, through a happy and satisfied Client…