…az első lépés a sikeres projektek irányába – egy új elképzelés megvalósításával…

Window to the outside world

Each of our partners and employees feel it very important that our services shall be provided on the highest professional level.
It is extremely difficult to gain professional respect, fame and reputation – what is even more difficult is to maintain these  in the long  term  and while adding more and more value to them over the years!

Our Partnership and members / colleagues are actively involved with a number of professional organisations’ everyday activities on a voluntary basis because we  believe that a company’s reputation cannot only be judged on it’s pure professional merits – but also on it’s everyday connections to the leading professional organisations.

Please find below the list of these professional organisations with which we work closely:

BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Ügyvédi társulás

The Partners in our company established both working and institutional relationships with the following firms over the past 20 years: