Familiar faces – fresh ideas – new concept.
These were the thoughts that lead us to create this brand new force -

a new generation consulting engineers’ team: Z & Partners.

We are a group of experienced consulting engineers, of different ages and diverse fields of experience, all of us driven by a common cause:  delivering pure values of professionalism to our clients.

Z & Partners Ltd. is based in Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, where FIDIC conditions of contract have been in use extensively over the last 25 years. Members of this consulting engineering partnership have gained valuable experience in preparing and managing both FIDIC and similar types of contracts – including advisory services - throughout the preparation and implementation phases for any of the project stakeholders.

The wide ranging engineering consultancy experience of the founders and members of the company cover among others civil infrastructure, transportation facilities and building projects - from inception through implementation to operation. Altogether our founders have participated in the preparation, management and implementation of more than a thousand projects, most of them were co-financed by an international financing institution (e.g. IBRD, European Union, EBRD, EIB).


Vision: Learning and developing together with our clients to generate successful engineering projects. No hassle – just pure values!

RÉV, András

Vision: Client is “the King”. A good individual expert can only be a shining star in a good team. I am a team player.

ZÁHONYI, Brigitta

Vision: Merits of an engineering work cannot only be measured through a highly professional design, but at the end of the day, through a happy and satisfied Client…


Vision: The most rewarding thing is reliability.


Vision: The most powerful weapon is the CONTRACT.

SCL in Hungarian!

For Clients and Employers

Should a construction project create headache? No – not necessarily!
If you are searching for adequate and professional answers to any of the following questions:
How to

  • start,
  • develop the strategy for,
  • procure,
  • manage,
  • monitor,
  • supervise or
  • audit

Your construction project, then please do not hesitate to ask these questions from us!


We would be pleased to advise you and provide you with the following services as necessary:

  • Developing project strategy from studies through procurement, construction, taking-over, and commissioning to defects liability and audit.
  • Giving advice in, and managing, the procurement procedures, including the preparation of tender documents; due diligence; tender evaluation and preparing and supervising construction contract documents.
  • Project management advisory services for project owners and financing institutions / banks (LTA services).
  • Managing and supervising construction (the „classic” Engineer functions).
  • Suggest and implement any other consulting services which may add value to the success of the preparation and implementation of any infrastructure or building project.

For Consultants

You are teaming up for providing complex advisory or consulting services and you feel that you need reinforcement in some very specific areas of consultancy / engineering?
You are in the middle of delivering large scale engineering services, but are temporarily short of specialised expertise?
You are about to build a long term professional relationship for joint and successful co-operation in consulting engineering services?
Then please have a look at our capabilities and contact us!
We are eager to prove that our

  • high professional values,
  • flexibility,
  • reliability and
  • value for money services
  • ability to work smoothly in an international team work for you.

Let us think and work together – for our joint success!

For Contractors

You should always know what you are bidding for!
When calculating your bid price, do you feel a certain sense of risk? You are not sure that your prospective contract will fairly allocate all the inherent risks?
Then hire our due diligence services at the right time… BEFORE submitting your bid!
We may draw your attention to certain interesting aspects of the prospective projects!
Relatively low cost - but a lot of loss to avoid!
You should never let your construction contract escalate!

  • You feel that you are providing much more than you priced for?
  • You feel that you need a contract expert, but you prefer engineers rather than lawyers?
  • You are working hard to persuade the supervising engineer and/or the project owner that you are entitled for additional cost, but you need professional support for the success?
  • You are lost in claiming and managing variations?
  • You think that your contract is not functioning well?

Then try our services in order not to loose time and money! You will wish that you had involved us much earlier!

Training and Education


In the early 1990-s András (Rév) and Zoltán (Záhonyi) started to teach and train undergraduate and postgraduate engineers about conditions of contract, especially the FIDIC conditions of contract.
Since then, hundreds of attendees have been joining their short and longer term training programmes annually.


In addition to the domestic training scene, Zoltán became an accredited FIDIC (Geneva) trainer in 2010 and since then has been delivering FIDIC conditions of contract training internationally, from the Americas through Africa and the Middle-East to Asia.

For details, please drive your pointer over the following locations indicated in the world map!

We would like to welcome you to be our next partner in training! What is different: we do not just train – we share EXPERIENCE!

Dispute Adjudication

We at Z & Partners are dedicated to support the professional development of the consulting engineering industry in Hungary. As one of our activities in this field, we have prepared the Hungarian language version of the SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol, which is made available (free of charge) hereby to all colleagues, who might have an interest in getting this document in our language. Such significant volunteering effort from our side was made in the hope of contributing to the improvement of the professional quality of handling and managing delays and disruptions, the phenomena, which occurs very frequently in construction projects. Translation and publication of the Hungarian language version of the Protocol was made in the possession of the preliminary consent of the Society of Construction Law’s (past / then) chairman.

Download the Hungarian language version of the Protocol from HERE

The original version of the Protocol can be downloaded (free of charge) from this website: www.scl.org.uk. Contributors in this translation mission paid special care and attention to keep the meaning and context of the original (English) text, however, it may not be excluded, that still some language or contextual deviations remained in the translated version (in comparison with the original text). In case of any such deviation, it is always the original English version, which prevails! This Protocol may be used by anyone only to their own risk and responsibility! The producers and publishers of this Hungarian version (as well as the authors of the original English version) explicitly exclude bearing any liability of legal nature or otherwise emerging from any case as a consequence of using, quoting or referring to the Protocol by anyone in their businesses!

All rights reserved! Except as expressly permitted by law, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the Society of Construction Law or of the Translators of the Hungarian version (as the case requires). Consent will usually be given for extracts to be quoted, provided the Society and / or by the Translators is / are fully credited.

Window to the outside world

Each of our partners and employees feel it very important that our services shall be provided on the highest professional level. It is extremely difficult to gain professional respect, fame and reputation – what is even more difficult is to maintain these in the long term and while adding more and more value to them over the years!

Our Partnership and members / colleagues are actively involved with a number of professional organisations’ everyday activities on a voluntary basis because we believe that a company’s reputation cannot only be judged on it’s pure professional merits – but also on it’s everyday connections to the leading professional organisations.

Please find below the list of these professional organisations with which we work closely:

The Partners in our company established both working and institutional relationships with the following firms over the past 20 years:

  • OVE ARUP & Partners
  • Mott MacDonald
  • COWI
  • DB International
  • Atkins
  • ILF
  • D2
  • Ramboll
  • Halcrow
  • Louis Berger Group
  • Scott Wilson (URS Scott-Wilson)
  • BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Ügyvédi társulás

Új! FIDIC 2017 Piros-, Sárga és Ezüst Könyv

FIDIC released its updated forms of major construction contracts at the London Users’ Conference, 5th December 2017.


Our Partnership’s founder and managing director, Zoltán Záhonyi contributed to a large extent to this update process, in its last stage as chair to the FIDIC Contracts Committee.


Our Partners at this milestone conference in London, December 2017: András Rév, Anna Kenderesy-Göllner and Zoltán Záhonyi.

If you wish to learn about these new updated FIDIC forms, please visit our page about trainings!